Different factors for the Low Libido in men

Low sexual desire

Low sexual desire

Men may experience the low sexual desire in the young age due to the unhealthy lifestyle and poor dieting. Lack of sexual desire is indicating that the production of the sex hormones in the body is very low.

There are lots of factors which lead to the low sexual desire in men but this problem can be treated with healthy diet and physical exercise. Low production of the testosterone hormones in the body can cause the low libido and can be treated by without the medication.

Factors for Low Libido

Psychological factors play an important role in the sexual health problem and may be lead to sometime to low libido. Such as stress, Depression, anxiety and others relationships problems are promoting the low libido in men.  Medical condition also affects the sexual health and will lead to low libido in both men and women. The excessive use of medication will affects the male libido and it may be permanent or temporary.

Few medications are also responsible for the low libido such as Heart diseases medication, blood pressure remedies, pituitary conditions, cancer drugs and antidepressant. These medications directly affect the sexual hormones and decrease the level of the testosterones in the body. Antidepressant, sleeping pills, marijuana, cocaine and alcohols having badly impacts on the sexual desire and also decrease the sex hormones in the body.

Symptoms for Low Libido:-

Here are the common symptoms which indicate the low sexual desire in men such as no interest in sex, no sexual intimacy and no thinking about the sexual activities. You can take the help of the libido pills, which enhance the productions of testosterone and effectively treated the low libido.

Foods which help to increase the testosterone Hormones

Vitamin B helps to regulate the flow of blood in the body as well as in the genital organs. Good circulation of blood in the body and also in the testes as well as in penis will enhance the libido powers in the both men and women.  Bananas are good source of vitamin B and playing an important role to increase the libido as well as enhance the sexual hormones in the body. Avocado is nice for increasing the extent of sex hormone in male and also increasing the energy and stamina of body. Eggs and Fishes like salmon, trout and mackerel are made in essential fatty acids, for example, omega 3, which is good for the sexual health.


Tips to boost the production of Testosterone hormones

Risk of Low Testosterone

Risk of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone level is not only reducing the sexual desire of men but also enhance the risk of health problems like type 2 diabetes, infertility, less muscle growth and prostate cancer. Low level of the testosterones can be the reasons of poor dieting such as high glycemic foods, unhealthy fat and low level of the zinc, magnesium, vitamin D in the diet.  Low level of the sex hormones in the body is very serious health problem which can contribute the erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a very serious health problem which is now treatable with the help of safe cheap silagra medication.

Natural way to boost the production of testosterone

Add more zinc

If you suffering with the low sexual desire then add more zinc foods in your diet. Zinc naturally boost the production of the sex hormones and reduce the conversion rate of testosterone in to the estrogen hormones. The foods which contains the more zinc supplement are sea foods, poultry, nuts, oysters, avocados etc. Medically this is proved that the low level of zinc can promote the low libido in men and also enhance the risk of low sperm count.

Eat healthy fats               

You can easily get the healthy fat by including foods like nuts, seeds, fatty fish, avocados, olives and peanut butter in your diet. Eating the low fat diet can decrease the level of testosterone hormones. There is no doubt that healthy fats makes the sperm healthier and enhance the sex hormones level.

Lose body weight

High body weight increases the risk of low sexual desire in men by converting the testosterone hormones in to the estrogen. Extra body fat contains the enzyme which enhances the conversion rate of the hormones known as aromatase. You have to be work hard to lose the extra body fat which can promote the sexual dysfunction known as low libido.

Avoid stress

Prolonged stress can shut down the production of testosterone hormones. Because when you get stressed out, your body releases the hormone known as cortisol which lowered the level of testosterone hormones. This hormone mostly makes the peoples fattier and enhances the conversion rate of male hormones in to the female hormones.

Always take healthy sleep

The production of the testosterone hormone is always higher in the night time in the comparison of day time.  During the sleeping time body gets the proper rest and releases the higher sex hormones which make you hornier in the morning time. Getting proper rest in the night time is also improving the sexual health of the peoples.