Different Risk factors for the male erectile dysfunction

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction

Millions of couples in the worldwide are seeking for the permanent treatment of the erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction in the young aged men can be caused due to the strain or prolonged stress. Most of the men who are emotionally associated with the pain of erectile dysfunction are rejected for the sexual intercourse with their partners. Lack of communication with the partner and professional physician can make this dysfunction incurable.  The good news is that the male erectile dysfunction is treatable by taking the oral medications which are prescribed by the professional physician.

Risk Factors of erectile dysfunction

The decreasing level of the sex hormone may affect the normal erection during the time of sexual act. Most of the old aged persons are experienced the erectile dysfunction due to the low level of the testosterone. There are different medical conditions which are enhancing the risk of erectile dysfunction in the young age are listed below.

Organic impotence

The failure of the penile erection is mostly caused due to the hardening of arteries especially in the older aged men. Medically this term is known as arteriosclerosis which is mostly occurred due to the excessive fat in the body or overweight. The vascular problems are associated with the erectile dysfunction like leakage of vein or carvernosal failure.  Veins are damaged mostly when the veins in the penile region unable to prevent blood from leaving the penis during the time of erection.

Diabetes condition

Erectile dysfunction is very common in diabetic patients due to the damage of the nerves. The uncontrolled level of the sugar mostly damaged the nerves which control the erections. Diabetic problem is occurred due to the unhealthy life style and mostly experienced by the old aged men.

Neurological causes

Most of the neurological problems are promoting the erectile dysfunction in young and old aged men. Here are list of different health problems which are associated with neurological problems such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, chronic alcoholism etc.

Use of medications

Excessive use of the prescribed medications such as antidepressant, blood pressure and anti-anxiety drugs are enhance the risk of erectile dysfunction in the old aged.

Depression and performance anxiety

Psychological erectile dysfunction is mostly occurred due to the depression and leads to the weak erection. Prolonged stress is affecting the performance during the indulging time of sex which can cause the anxiety.

These are the most common risk factors of erectile dysfunction which can be affecting the relationship of the young and old aged couples.